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The Basix
• name eileen.
• age fourteen.
• scene (location if you will) vienna.
• sexual orientation straight.
• favourite bands a static lullaby, thursday, silverstein, aiden, the unicorns, atreyu, comeback kid, the black maria, slipknot, afi, the mars volta, bob marley, everybody else, at midnight, the hurt process, copeland, hidden in plain view, kittie.
• favourite movies slc punk, moulin rouge, donnie darko, ray.
• favourite books the da vinci code, the perks of being a wallflower, martyn pig, sloppy firsts.
• favourite colors black, green, yellow, brown.
• favourite quotes "for sunrise or for sunset, you're either coming or you just left, but you're always on the way"
• Drugs/Alcohol i'm not going to lie or anything, but i've had some alcohol before and it's not that big of a deal. i think that it's ok every now and then just as long as you're not getting mad drunk and have to drive. i've expirimented with a few drugs and nothing happened to me. i don't think that they should be used everyday day of your life, maybe every other day. ha. just don't do it often.
• Stage Divers i don't really like it because sometimes there isn't anyone to catch you and it just starts a bunch of drama.
• Government/G.W.B. i hate gwb. he's too much like my father, a fucking idiot.

The Usual Suspects
• promote hella__scene in a journal and a community, dont forget the links.
• 3+ clear pictures of yourself. including one 100X100 for members page.
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at this local concert with the singer of a band called transition.
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• why are you hella scene? because i've moved to any place you could think of. i loove going to local concerts because those are just the best.
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